Professional Live Music since 1999

Based in Central Florida, Key4Tunes provides music services for corporate events, nightclubs, tourist venues, wedding receptions and all sorts of places and occassions when musical excellence is expected.

Key4Tunes Entertainment is committed to maintaining a very high standard of live music performance for all occasions. We make every effort to collaborate with only the finest classical, jazz, and contemporary musicians in the Orlando, Fl, area, and by ensuring that these musicians and bands perform beyond expectations at every engagement.

We believe in Musical Excellence

The quality of any musical group relies on the quality of its musical presentation, even though stage presence and visual impression are vital to performance as well.

At KEY4TUNES Entertainment, we provide musicians with a commitment to musical excellence that is unparalleled in their field. Key4Tunes is an effort to bring this excellence to your business event, to your wedding reception, to your corporate gathering, to your tourist venue, etc. At KEY4TUNES Music, we take pride in promoting the best in live music.